About Me

I am British born but I made the Netherlands my home in 2000. I have three Dutch sons, who I am doing my best to tinge with a little Britishness, and a pure bred Dutch husband.

In a previous life I worked in the world of Human Resources (HR), helping new expats get settled in the Netherlands or helping employees and their families get ready to embark on a life in a far flung remote location. It was in this role I learnt that not all expats are equal; some expats are more expat than others. That was when I realised I live my life in a little piece of no man’s land situated between being British and playing the role of a local Dutch woman.

To complicate my sense of identity further I now have dual citizenship – British and Dutch. And yes, it’s Brexit related.

I left HR to dabble in writing and am now a published author, freelance writer, translator and blogger.

I have contributed to expat anthologies Dutched Up! Rocking the Clogs Expat Style, Once Upon An Expat and Knocked Up Abroad Again.

I have also translated the children’s book “Lamgmuts is een Held” from Dutch into English, one in a series of books written with highly sensitive children in mind.

In October 2019, I published the first Happy Sensitive Kids book: “101 Ways to Help Your Highly Sensitive Child Empty Their Bucket: Calming Tools During Times of Overwhelm“.

You can find me scribbling my thoughts and experiences about life in the Netherlands over on Turning Dutch. I also write about raising highly sensitive children on the Happy Sensitive Kids blog and you’ll find me all over social media like a rash: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.