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101 Ways to Help your Highly Sensitive Child Empty Their Bucket

101 ways to help your highly sensitive child empty their bucket

This is the first Happy Sensitive Kids e-book jam packed with 101 ideas to help a highly sensitive child empty their bucket when they are overwhelmed.

A quick read with valuable suggestions & tips for children who are highly sensitive. But even for children who are not highly sensitive, the information provided are very useful for parents, grandparents, teachers or anyone who works with children. I highly recommend this e-Book.

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For lots more information visit: Happy Sensitive Kids.

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Knocked Up Abroad Again

Knocked Up Abroad Again with a chapter by Amanda van Mulligen

“The second anthology in the Knocked Up Abroad series takes readers on an emotional, heartfelt, and humorous journey as an international group of mothers traverse the obstacles, trials, and tribulations of pregnancy, birth, and parenting around the globe.”

Available from Amazon (UK) and  Amazon (US).

“I just finished “Knocked Up Abroad Again” and had the same thought as I did with the first…”No, that can’t be it, it can’t be done already!” Such a lovely follow up to the first. Many great stories of truth, feelings and openness about the reality us moms face abroad everyday. Thank you all for your work on this amazing collection. Hoping for a #3!” Amazon review

Once Upon an Expat

Once Upon an Expat with a chapter by Amanda van Mulligen

I am delighted to be part of a “tribe of global souls who together make up this heartwarming and at times hilarious anthology”.

Available from Amazon (UK) and Amazon (US).

“Being an expat myself, I appreciated both the humorous and heartfelt writings in this book. Sometimes tongue in cheek and often touching, this book is a must read for expats who feel like strangers in a strange land – or like they’ve found a new home. You will enjoy this book!’ Amazon review

Dutched Up! (Rocking the Clogs Expat Style)

Dutched Up! Book Amanda van Mulligen

“With its tall buildings and tulip-lined canals, the Netherlands is a wonderful place to visit. But what happens when you move there instead?” Read this book and find out!

Available from Amazon (UK) and Amazon (US) or for those of you in the Netherlands you can head to for your copy.

“As soon as I purchased this book, I read it all in one sitting. The writing from the group of women who contributed felt like I was sitting down with a group of girlfriends who had already paved the way and were imparting there knowledge onto this newbie. It is honest, it made me laugh and at times made me feel quite raw due to my already climbing nerves of my impending move. On the flip side, it did actually calm some nerves as well!” Amazon review

Long Hat is a Hero

Long Hat is a Hero translated by Amanda van Mulligen

Long Hat is a Hero is an example of my translation work. The book has been translated from the popular Dutch series Langmuts, especially written with highly sensitive children in mind and is available from Scrivo Media in the Netherlands or from Amazon (UK).

“I’m so grateful to have a book about high sensitivity to read to my 6yo HS child! THANK YOU to all the team involved in bringing this book to print. The story is sweet, funny, accessible and encouraging, and is a helpful story about tolerance for all children. My child was still chuckling about the story the next day, and immediately wanted to read it to his younger brother. Definitely reccomend for any family with highly sensitive children, and for all Early Years settings!” Amazon review